Cryptocurrency and Cryptoeconomics

IBCLUB LTD. Развитие блокчейн-технологий с каждым днем набирает новые обороты, что позволяет оценивать потенциал цифровой индустрии как один из самых высоких среди множества других сфер. Вместе с появлением этих инновационных технологий возник и термин «криптоэкономика», описывающий взаимоотношения между участниками. We live in the 21st century and the future has already arrived. We cannot ignore the rapid development in most industries, including the world of finance. So, boldly titled as “Money of the Future”, cryptocurrency is already replacing cash step by step.

Cryptocurrency is an electronic payment system equivalent to real money and having an official exchange rate. It has not a physically palpable form but exists only in global network. The main features of such a currency are anonymity, decentralization and security.

Crypto-economics – a modern science that is rapidly gathering pace and momentum. Living in the modern world requires being flexible and keeping up date with changes.

Our training “Cryptocurrency and crypto-economics” will get you acquainted with the crypto-economy and the cryptocurrency market. Get the latest knowledge and be ready for a possible digital future!

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