Psychology of Money

IBCLUB LTD. Одним из направлений общей психологии является психология денег. Она изучает отношение человека к деньгам и их влияние на его поведение. Психология денег анализирует проблемы, которые возникают при неправильном отношении к деньгам, и учит убирать барьеры, отталкивающие деньги. Money is an essential resource that determines a person's life quality. So, the better your money management is, the easier it is for you to interact with the world around.

It is self-evident that man and money have mutual influence.

After appealing to your conscience and working with it, you’ll get new opportunities! When you solve your inner conflicts, your financial problems will solve themselves. What is your relationship with money? How can you improve them? Why don't you earn as much as you want? This training will help you to answer all these questions.

It is important not only to have knowledge of financial literacy, but also to work on yourself! Get rid of mental blocks and fears that limit your cash flow.

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