IBCLUB LTD. Многое в жизни определяется умением общаться. Успехи в учебе, карьере, в личных отношениях, построены на способностях к коммуникации. Читаете ли вы доклад в аудитории, поздравление на празднике или проходите собеседование на работу, лаконичная, структурированная речь, донесет информацию до слушателей в выгодном свете. Наукой, изучающей тонкости ораторского искусства, является риторика. Она помогает придать речи ясности, конкретики, убедительности. In the modern world, it is almost impossible to achieve great success without knowledge of rhetoric! This is the foundation on which all further work is being built. People we admire today, whom we see on our screens and big stages have devoted much time to rhetoric.

During the “Rhetoric” training you will learn:
— Etiquette;
— Public speaking;
— Proper communication and self-presentation;
— Giving speeches in front of any audience (from personal conversations to huge halls)

Anyone seeking for self-development learns rhetoric. This knowledge will make your goals closer to you and help you achieve them.

We are sickened by information that is pressing on us from everywhere. Today, only a real person can truly arouse interest in another person. Rhetoric gives you the best instruments for your goals! Present yourself in a favorable light. And get people interested in you and your product.

At our seminars, not only give we theoretical knowledge, but also apply it in practice! For further information leave your email and subscribe to the IBC newsletter.